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Collapsible Reusable Boba Straw + Two Collapsible



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One Collapsible Reusable Boba Straw 12mm & 2 Collapsible Drinking Straws 8mm + Foldable Spork Set with Travel Bag - Boba Customizable Tip Color

Our best selling KIT plus a Collapsible Boba | Bubble Tea Straw with silicone tip in the color of your choice!

We know that BOBA Straws are really big, which means, more single-use plastic in the environment. With that in mind, we brought you this telescopic BOBA straw to carry with you everywhere.

✔️ ONE Boba | Bubble Tea Straw: FIRST LARGE Collapsible STRAW- Reusable 12mm wide telescopic stainless steel straw so you can enjoy ANY drink including milkshakes and Bubble Tea. 9" inches in length fully expanded, 6.5" inches halfway collapsed, 4" inches in length collapsed.

✔️ TWO Coffee & Drinking Straws: VARIETY OF SIZES- Our versatile telescopic straws can expand to different sizes, 9", 6.75" or 4.25"- perfect for anything from iced coffees to cocktails.

✔️ ECO-FRIENDLY- Feel confident that you're helping save our Mother Earth with our premium reusable straw and spork kit thoughtfully packaged without plastic. 

✔️ LIGHT & PORTABLE - The straws and foldable spork kit conveniently fit in a keychain pouch to take it on the go wherever your busy lifestyle leads you. STOP using plastic straws, forks, and spoons on-the-go!

✔️ QUALITY MATERIAL & CLEANING BRUSH- Made from food grade stainless steel with silicone tips for sipping comfort, our straws are easy-to-clean with the portable cleaning brushes provided.

Eco friendly, made with premium quality materials, mindfully packaged without plastic, and light and portable so great for on the go. This will be the last straw you'll ever need!

Kit comes complete with:

1 Boba | Bubble Tea Collapsible Straw with Colorful TIP
2 Reusable Stainless Steel Telescopic Straws
2 Silicone Straw Tips- One gray & One black
2 Telescopic Cleaning Brushes
1 Stainless Steel Foldable Spork
1 Travel carrying bag


Boba Straw Tip Colors: Choose One


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